MEA Inc.

Remediation Services

MEA offers a variety of remediation options based on conditions encountered at a site. Characterization activities are conducted to assess the extent/type(s) of contamination and remediation options are selected to suit the specific requirements of the site and the owner. MEA has worked extensively with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) to obtain closure for numerous sites throughout Pennsylvania, including Brownfields locations, commercial gasoline facilities and private residences with home heating tank issues.


Since the inception of the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program, MEA has successfully characterized and remediated numerous sites to the Statewide Health Standard to achieve Act 2 and Chapter 245 (Underground Storage Tanks Program) closure. MEA has also worked with the Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF) to help clients obtain funding for remediation.


MEA has state of the art remediation systems that can be mobilized or built on site. Most of MEA on-site systems are monitored by a remote system in the office. This enables MEA to check the systems daily to monitor pump flow, temperature and any alarms. This information is recorded to help trouble-shoot remediation system problems and maximize uptime.


USTIF & Brownfields


MEA has extensive experience investigating and remediating leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs). MEA is one of the contractors listed by USTIF who conduct “pay for performance” (PFP) remediations. MEA will conduct remediation for LUST sites for a fixed price, PFP basis in order to ensure that the remediation is completed within the allotted budget.


Water and Soil Remediation Equipment