MEA Inc.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), also called an “All Appropriate Inquiry” by the EPA, is an important action a purchaser can take to learn about the property’s past use, the environmental conditions at the site and adjoining sites, and the likely presence of hazardous substances. Because hazardous waste cleanups can be very expensive and take years to complete, environmental concerns have become an important factor in property acquisition. With this knowledge, the prospective purchaser can:


Better assess the financial risk posed by potential environmental contamination;


Take steps to avoid full or partial liability for cleaning up the property;


Require that the current landowner clean up the property prior to the sale; or


Have the cost of the property reduced to commensurate with the cost of the cleanup activities.


A Phase I assessment involves conducting some or all of the following activities:


Site Visit, previous and current owner interviews, aboveground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, wetlands, lead-based paint, transformers (PCBs), asbestos, radon, surrounding land use, molds/mildews, permits for air emissions, storm water, and waste water ,chemical inventory and review of MSDS sheets, File review at courthouse and municipality, Travel (to and from site, courthouse, and municipal bldg.), Database search and interpretation, Sanborn map search, Aerial photo review, Chain of ownership/deed search, and Report preparation with photographic log and recommendations (Includes a 1-Mile Radius Breakdown required by ASTM).


Based on the information gathered during the Phase I assessment, MEA will prepare a report summarizing the findings and provide professional opinions regarding the recognized environmental conditions at the site. As necessary, MEA will make recommendations for additional work and provide associated cost estimates.


Our standard Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) report is conducted in accordance with the ASTM E 1527-05 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: EPA and with the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule. The final product is a bound report with appendices attached as warranted. Our Confidential report provides each client with an accurate, through environmental profile of the subject property. Our reports have been developed with over 15 years of experience, resulting in a format that is well organized and easy to read and understand.